We at Jalinga are firm believers in an organic & sustainable way of life and have taken it upon ourselves to spread awareness about the benefits of going organic. Hence, as one of our CSR projects we have reached out to small growers in our neighbouring region giving rise to the

South of the Jalinga Tea Estate, spread over 120 hectares and 3 regions (gram panchayats) of Dwarbund, Bagbahaar and Loharbund, we have reached an agreement with 33 small growers. 


Located in the North East region of India, Assam boasts of being the largest tea growing state in the country and the single largest tea growing district in the world approx. 600million kgs annually, of which 40% are Small Tea Growers

Jalinga is located in South Assam which consists of approx. 100 tea estates

South Assam is blessed with being naturally free of pests, there never has been the need to use much Pesticides and hence majority of South Assam is considered naturally organic.

Since 2002 Jalinga being in Sustainable Organic growing practices, Jalinga Tea Estate officially got its organic status in 2007. Spread over 658 hectares, Jalinga is the single largest certified organic tea garden in India & the 1st and only Carbon Neutral Certified Tea Estate in the world!

Also South Assam has a lot of Bio-mass availability which is critical for composting which is mandatory for Soil Input in Organic

Since 5years being in Fairtrade system, Jalinga is one of the largest earners of FT Premium for their workers

In undertaking this project we are committed to assisting the small growers in every way possible. Thus far the initiatives we have taken include :

  • In 2017 we organised a team that spent a considerable amount of time in their tea plantation and taught them about the organic and sustainable cultivation practices. They continue to make regular visits to their plantation to ensure successful organic certification for the garden
  • Jalinga annually produces 3500MT of on-farm compost, we have had several workshops for the small growers at Jalinga showing Composting technique, as well assist them in compost production at site in their plantation
  • A dedicated person is taken on-board to collect regular data, info on yield; crop etc. as well as ensure quality plucking for best quality tea production
  • Jalinga is also the 1st tea estate in India to start a laboratory on-site this March end 2018. The laboratory will be run by an in-house technical team who will regularly perform soil & compost analysis as well as some basic tea testings.