USDA Organic

Foods that meet USDA organic standards are "certified organic," also sometimes called "USDA-certified organic." Organic food in the United States can be identified when the following conditions are met: ... The product has been certified organic. The product contains 95 percent or more organic ingredients.


Lacon Quality Certification (India) Pvt Ltd., a subsidiary of LACON GmbH, Germany, offers a wide range of certification services for agriculture and food production sectors. Our main areas of services are inspection and certification of: organic production; processing and handling of agricultural produces; export and import of such products as per the relevant national and International standards. LACON is accredited by National Accreditation Body (NAB), Government of India, as per National Program for Organic Production (NPOP). Furthermore, LACON offers Organic certification as per USDA-NOP standards for products destined for export to the United States. LACON India is recognized by US Department of Agriculture (USDA) under recognition agreement signed with APEDA. LACON is listed as equivalent certification body by European Union for the purpose of equivalence as per LACON organic standard for Non EU country operators (equivalent to EC regulation 834/2007& 889/2008).

India Organic

India Organic is a certification mark for organically farmed food products manufactured in India. The certification mark certifies that an organic food product conforms to the National Standards for Organic Products established in 2000. Those standards ensures that the product or the raw materials used in the product were grown through organic farming, without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or induced hormones. The certification is issued by testing centres accredited by the Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA). under the National Program for Organic Production of the Government of India.

Jaivik Bharat

The unified logo is an identity mark to distinguish organic products from non-organic ones supported with the tagline “Jaivik Bharat” at the bottom, which signifies Organic Food from India. Effectively intertwining all the elements of environment, the logo communicates adherence to the National Organic Standards.


The EU organic logo gives a coherent visual identity to European Union produced organic products. This makes it easier for the consumers to identify organic products and helps farmers to market them across the entirety of the EU. The organic logo can only be used on products that have been certified as organic by an authorised control agency or body. This means that they have fulfilled strict conditions on how they must be produced, processed, transported and stored. The logo can only be used on products when they contain at least 95% of organic ingredients and additionally respect further strict conditions for the remaining 5%. The same ingredient cannot be present in organic and non-organic form.

India Tea

Indicates the origin of the tea as Indian Origin Teas.


Halal certification states that the food or the products are permissible for the followers of Islam and no haram product or procedure is used while its manufacturing or processing.

The Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance seal promotes collective action for people and nature. It amplifies and reinforces the beneficial impacts of responsible choices, from farms and forests all the way to the supermarket check-out. The seal allows you to recognize and choose products that contribute toward a better future for people and planet.


JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) are the Japanese national standards in the field of agricultural, forestry, fisheries and food industry. JAS is established by the Minister of agriculture, Forestry and fisheries.