Carbon Neutral Teas


Adoption of on farm composting method, which ensures shortest biodegradation period of 21 days; enables reduction of GHG by at least 66% or 2/3rd of the emission potential for all other biodegradation processes (takes 60 to 90 days)

Annually 75% or 2/3rd of the required N is tapped from Atmospheric- N Source via soil microbial world, which have been generated through the application of on farm Compost – store house of Self- generated microbial population in order of 1016 c.f.u.

That means Jalinga T.E. ensures 75% Reduction of GHG Emission Potential compared to any other tea estates

Crop sustainability has been ensured without soil mining, even with only 25% application of the required N (36,000 kg/ year) in the form of compost.

This has been possible only because the compost being stable and mature with no phytotoxic effect (confirmed as per International Standards) has ensured ‘Energized Soil Functioning’

Annually 10,000 tons of on-farm generated biomass is recycled in 1400 ha area of West Jalinga Tea Estates, resulting in restoration and maintenance of the rich soil micro flora

The soil micro flora population has increased from 104 to 107 c.f.u., becoming 1000 times richer than the original status – Which ensures at least 1000 times more Potential Sink for GHG tapping. You can earn carbon credits too.