Agricultural project

Bee-keeping: On its initial phase, we are working with Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), for the rearing of Honey Bees, so we can offer pure organic Honey, also since Honey Bees prefer Mustard Flowers we are also developing the same for better pollination and healthy Bees.


Turmeric Plantation: We are currently growing Turmeric in all our divisions in the Tea Estate with an expected yield of 1900KG.


Ginger Plantation: We have started the Initial phase of the Ginger Plantations on experimental basis with an expected yield of 20kgs.


Black Rice, Kala Joha, Kon Joha: Joha rice a local rice variety is being grown with the help of local farmers with an expected yield as mentioned below

  1. Black Rice: 69KG
  2. Kala Joha: 10KG
  3. Kon Joha: 10KG

The project is again in the initial stage of experimentations and will bigger year on year.

Black Pepper: Another initiative to promote and support local farmers is the cultivation of Black Peppers, on the initial phase we expect to produce 30kg.
Flower Projects: We have as introduced a few flowering plants and herbal plants like JASMINE, BLUE PEA FLOWER, ALLAMANDA(GOLDEN TRUMPET), HIBISCUS and GELOY
Mushroom Cultivation and Jam & Jelly project : A portion of the Bungalow have been identified suitable for the cultivation of the mushroom, and for Jam and Jelly production centre and a demonstration of the same have been done by Mr N Saikia, Co-ordinator, KVK